Hydrogen water facial sprayer

Hydrogen water facial sprayer

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Skin hydration | removing black Spots to fight aging | Smooth skin


RF+LED+EMS+Ice Compress

Anti-oxidation and anti-aging

Peroxide free radicals are the intrinsic factors of human aging. When hydrogen molecules enter the skin, they can effectively repair damaged cells and increase cell vitality. Hydrogen molecules can neutralize the malignant free radicals in the deep layer of the skin, achieve whitening and light spots, and then restore the skin white, tender and smooth, leaving no trace of time. Hydrogen-rich water has a negative potential value of – 100 mV, which has strong reductivity, can eliminate excess hydrogen free radicals in the skin, and has the function of delaying aging and desalinating stains.

Hydrogen-rich molecules make skin smooth and silky

Hydrogen molecule content in water is as high as 1000 PPB. Hydrogen can penetrate cells quickly, promote the regeneration of skin cells, and make skin more smooth and elastic.

Full anti acne

Hydrogen molecule water produced by electrolysis can penetrate into pore rapidly and has anti-acne effect.

Poduct Parameters

Hydrogen content ≥1000ppb

OPR -200-0mV

Rated Power 1W

Charging Time 1-2h

One electrolysis time 2min

Full electrolysis times 20 times

Battery 400mAh

Capacity 15ml

Product Size 31x31x136mm

Net Weight 68ml

Spray mode Press type manual spray