EMS Radio Frequency Photon Beauty Apparatus

EMS Radio Frequency Photon Beauty Apparatus

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Lighten wrinkles | Brighten skin tone

Skinny face shaping | Acne removal Sterilization | Pore contraction



5 Color lightening mode

EMS micro electric curren

Electroporation : passing a special electric current to pass the normally impermeable collagen under the skin.
Protein, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other macromolecular components were introduced into the subderm.

Needle-free beauty molding: high penetration, can penetrate beauty ingredients with muscle bottom, deep nourishing.

RF Radio Frequency Wrinkle Removal

Radiofrequency wave penetrates the barrier of epidermal basal melanocytes, heats up collagen fiber of dermis, tightens loose skin wrinkles, improves cell regeneration ability, improves metabolic cycle, strengthens oxygen and organic nutrients to be transmitted to skin cells, makes them tight, delicate and effectively reduces wrinkles.

LED Photo rejuvenation

It is a cosmetic way to irradiate the skin through LED phototherapy, which can produce effect on the skin. Different color bands are also different, which can play a certain role in common skin problems such as stains, freckles, pockmarks, light lines, large pore, relaxation, red face and so on.

EMS Radio Frequency Photon Beauty Apparatus